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The Motion Picture Club.

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It’s that time of year again for DAY AT THE MOVIES! 🎬

This is the 29th year the Motion Picture Club will be a proud sponsor of the Annual Street Fair in New York City!


Stop by our MPC booth and say hi-

DATE: Sunday, July 21st

TIME: 10am- 6pm

LOCATION: 50th St. / 7th Avenue (Northwest corner)

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In 1939, a group of film bookers gathered at the Dixon Cafeteria on Eighth Avenue to form a Social Club for local people in the film business. A dinner celebrating the formation of the Club and the installation of its first group of officers was held at the Hotel Astor in 1940 with Henny Youngman as Master of Ceremonies. And that was the beginning of the Motion Picture Bookers Club – 85 years ago! 


Over the years, the Club has grown to include people from all areas of the motion picture industry - exhibition, distribution, advertising and other related businesses. Presently, The Motion Picture Club is a thriving organization of 350 film business professionals throughout the country. We still have social functions to foster camaraderie among members of the film community. However, our main focus is on raising funds for film industry - related charities. Each year the MPC makes substantial contributions to Variety - The Children's Charity, The Will Rogers Memorial Fund, The Motion Picture Pioneers, Rising Ground, Boys and Girls Club of Queens, and The Ronald McDonald House. 

Together, we can continue to serve our community and those who need us most.

The MPC Encourages Donations to provide for those most vulnerable. Kindness and Support are Essential.

Who We Support:


ECLC Golf Outing
Day at the Movies
Board Members at the Holiday Party


Each year, The Motion Picture Club awards one of its members with the Nat Stern Outstanding Service Award.

The honoree is someone who exemplifies the spirit of dedication and selfless humility shown by Nat so many years ago.

Nat Stern started as a file room clerk for Paramount Pictures in 1940. He joined the armed forces in 1941 and saw active duty in the South Pacific. Upon his return from the Army he went back to work at Paramount Pictures in their booking department. Nat had a big heart and a keen mind. He rose up the corporate ladder to head booker and office manager, to sales manager and then to division manager. He was called "the professor" by many in our industry. His knowledge of every theatre in his division under his jurisdiction was uncanny. He was often called upon by his peers for opinions and advice...he was never too busy to listen.


Many of today's executives came to Nat and worked in his branch as neophytes. Under his guidance and teachings they rose to top positions and very successful careers. To name just a few: Dan Fellman, Tom Sherak, Bruce Snyder, Frank Patterson, Sr., Joe Curtin, Steve Turner, and Pam Araujo.

Past Honorees of the Nat Stern Award

2023 - Mariana Suarez

2022 - Jodi Gwydir

2019 - Christina Blumer

2018 - Dennis Meagher

2017 - Alison Matheis

2016 - Melanie Valera

2015 - Jeff Goldman

2014 - Rose Devery

2013 - Debbie Walsh

2011 - John Spinello

2010 - David Atlas

2008 - Lydia Cole

2007 - Jim Amos

2006 - Craig Zeltner

2005 - Seth Leifer

2004 - Richard Tabin

2003 - Eileen Dougherty

2002 - Ira Miller

2001 - William R. Thompson

2000 - Millie Gautier

1999 - Ted Cooper

1998 - Ron Lesser

1997 - Nick Guadagno

1996 - Jared Mestre

1995 - Paul Scheib

1994 - Marvin Friedlander

1993 - Millie Tramontano

1992 - Clarice Hausman

1991 - Sid Rubinstein & Arleen West

1990 - Linda Hogarty

1989 - Selma Fried

1988 - Grace Ganguzza & Agnes Moskos

1987 - Dom Frascella

1986 - William Frankle

1985 - Ann Rosenbaum

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